Ace’s Auto Engine Supply


WARRANTIES UP TO 5yrs/ 75,000miles are available 
          Limited Warranty Subject to the conditions set forth below, Ace's Auto Engine Supply, Inc. warrants all long and short engine blocks for twelve (12) months or twelve thousand (12,000) miles, whichever occurs first, against defects in workmanship and materials. Ace's Auto Engine Supply, Inc.'s sole obligation shall be limited to repair or replacement, at its choice of any such defective work or materials. Ace's Auto Engine Supply, Inc. will not be liable for any vehicle towing expenses, labor involved in removal or installation of log or short blocks ,delays in making repairs , any consequential damages, or loss of profit caused by any reason.  No warranty is given on any item outside of the long or short block involved. For example, manifolds, valve covers, oil pans, carburetors, water pumps, transmissions,rocker arms, push rods, belts, hoses,plug wires, spark plugs, computers, fuel injectors, etc., are not covered by any warranty from Ace's Auto Engine Supply, Inc., nor are the head covered on any short blocks.This limited warranty will void upon evidence of excessive long or short block wear caused by inadequate oil or oil pressure, overheating, hot-rodding, improper care, or alterations made to long or short block. In order for this limited warrenty to be effective. (1) engine oil must be changed at first 500 miles and every 2,000 miles thereafter, and (2) vehicle must be brought into Ace's Auto Engine Supply, Inc. within first ten (10) days after long or short installation so that odometer mileage can be verified. All tendered to Ace's Auto Engine Supply, Inc. for rebuilding must be of such condition and design as to be readily re-buildable. There will be no cash refunds.The above limited warranty embodies the entire obligation of Ace's Auto Engine Supply, Inc., and all other warranties, express or implied, and including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are expressly disclaimed. Ace's Auto Engine Supply, Inc. neither assumes, nor authorizes any other person to assume for it. any liability for warranty other than set forth above.