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Quality Control

Ace's puts quality at the top of our list because your product has to last. An intensive process control system is used to monitor all aspects of the remanufacturing process. Components are inspected after each operation and procedure. Only the highest quality parts and machine work are provided.

At the Ace's engine remanufacturing plant, extensive research goes into casting numbers, machining processes and tolerances, new part vendor selections and product applications, in addition, operators go through training that focuses on unique product feathers and processes. Potential problem areas may then be identified and corrected.
Each core is disassembled and inspected. Those components not suitable for further processing are scrapped. All small parts are cleaned and critical tolerances are checked. Worn parts are scrapped and replaced. All major components (crankcases, cylinder heads) are baked in gas-fired ovens to carbonize. grease and dirt. Other components are chemically cleaned. Components then go through an abrasive blaster that removes all contaminants. Crankcases and cylinder heads are all magnafluxed to check for any cracks not found during visual inspections. Each component then moves to its respective matching area. All cylinder bores are measured and taken to the same oversized dimensions. Diamond cutting hones are used for final bore sizing to ensure that surface finish requirements are met. Main bearing boxes are checked to ensure uniform size and alignment. New cam bearings are installed and checked for free cam spin. Crankcases go though a final wash to remove any remaining contaminants from the machining process.

All crankshafts are checked for straightness before any further processing occur. Excessively worn journals are welded, reground and polished to process standards.
Reground journals are blended with the fillet radii to remove any stress risers that could result in crankshaft breakage.  All oil holes are chamfered at the journal surface to remove all sharp edges that could impede oil flow or damage bearing surfaces.

Connecting Rods

Each connecting rod is checked for cracks, damage and straightness. All crankshaft bores (big end) are checked resized to new specifications Where applicable; piston pin bore bushings (small end) are, replaced. Center-to-center length is then measured to ensure process compliance.


After cleaning all cams are inspected for straightness and lobe conformity.

If grinding is required, the cam contour and timing is maintained to original
Specifications. All lobes are polished to ensure uniform surfaces and smooth performance.
If non-remanufacturable. 

Cylinder Heads

All cap plugs are replaced. All decks are inspected and machined as required to reach required specifications. Valve guides are resized or replaced as required. Valve scats refashioned with 3 Angle cutters for proper flow. After assembly, each valve is vacuum checked to ensure proper seating and sealing. 

Final Engine Assembly & Testing

All engines are hand-assembled by senior experienced technicians

 Our Commitment to You
To offer you the best service possible we are continually refining our process
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